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Welcome to Jaded Packs Wiki

This wiki is the future home of documentation related to the Minecraft gamepacks made by Jadedcat. These packs feature major edits and tweaks to the default behaviours of the mods included in them. The goal of this wiki is not to document the default behaviour of the mods, but to document that changes Jadedcat has made for the packs.

Pack Information

All Jaded Packs from 1.7 on have buttons on the main menu screen that will take you to guide videos, this wiki, the pack forums and the issue tracker for reporting bugs.

Jaded Packs

Pack Logo Main Article Minecraft Version
  Agrarian Skies 1.6.4
  Agrarian Skies 2 1.7.10
  Magic Farm 1.5
  Magic Farm 2 1.6.4
  Magic Farm 3 1.7.10
  Aesthetic Construction 1.7.10